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Founding Members

Yousuf Kazi

Christy Kyrk

For over 28 years I have been working as Entrepreneur and Networker.
My Team and I are Here For YOU:
- With Digital Business Development Marketing Services in the USA and Worldwide
- With a system that shows you HOW TO START your online business with residual income
- With Nutrition Information through my 7-year Cancer Survivor Journey
Debbie Sutton

Michael Nelson

Kartini Sabtu

I am a number cruncher that loves to use digital marketing as a solutions to financial problems.
Shafiq Bhatia

Olafur Olafsson

Helen Ronnenbergh


Shirley Hauptman

Ken George II

I have always been great at the technical side of things. If I don't know how to do something, I won't stop until I find the answer, persistence, and determination are my biggest strengths. I am happy to have found a place where I can help people.
Mike Helft

Stephen Nguyen

Sarah Parker

I'm a healer.
Graham Holroyd

Been working online for over 11 years and specialise in Affiliate Marketing & Software Creation.

Me and my team provide weekly training to help struggling entrepreneurs build their businesses and reach their goals.

If you need help building your business then simply click the Website Link under my profile picture and discover all the tools we have to offer you.

If you decide to go ahead and join my team today be sure to add me on Facebook so I can plug you into our Support group.

Speak soon
Tony Turner

Richard Osborne

Ryan Billy Tate

Julio Franco



Chris Chesar

Helping people to achieve their goals in business
Charles le

John Watkins

Linda Kaye


I help online entrepreneurs "flatten the learning curve" and start making money online sooner.

Haris Hawwash


Nigel Birch

Willie Bradley

Sean Carroll

Perfectus Marketing Group is operating from Bangkok, Thailand.
John Hauptman

Althea Samuel

Shelly Turner

I am the Builderall Diva
Diego Flores

Silvia Posada

Jaunai Walker

Jaunai (Jay) is a Personal Growth and Business Development Speaker, Coach & Trainer. Jay is the creator of Perfect Your Pitch: Irresistible Sales Conversations that Convert which is a bi-product of her multiple national award-winning sales career. Jay comes with over 17 years of sales experience in the education, medical and advertising industries. Jay is also the Chief Inspiration officer at the Success group Inc., and the Founder of the Confident Women Crushing Goals Group. Jay hopes to inspire both entrepreneurs & career professionals to be the absolute best version of themselves. Jay is a devoted Christian, loves connecting with others & currently resides in Coral Springs, Florida.
Diane Hoggarth

Lynwood Jones

Cindy Branson

I am an Entrepreneur for over twelve years. Currently love being a team leader and Ambassador for Builderall.


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